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Perfumed Candles of God's Light

My children,
My Love, is like a perfumed candle. In the midst of the darkness, it provides light. Not however the harsh man made light you are so used to. Rather it is the warm and gentle light of love, that softens the harshness and coldness around it. There is also a warmth about this light.

As it burns this candle omits a sweet fragrance. A sweetness that fills the air. So it is, with My Love. Whilst I AM the source of light and love, never the less you are also meant to be centres of light to the people in the darkness around you. Remember Jesus said you weren't to hide your lights under an old bucket.

So too, you mustn't hide your light under churchianity or religiosity. Rather take the light of My love to those around you. However it is good that as a church you combine your lights together. So you can mutually encourage one another. Remember Jesus said, "I AM the light of the world". He also said, "Let your lights so shine, that people will glorify God". So let your lights burn in the darkness, spreading the light and perfume of My Love, to those around you,